July 2010  
RANN was awarded Plantation Management System development and implementation by UNICO DESA Plantations Berhad. The system is to be integrated from estate operations in Sabah to UNICO's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.


Oct 2009  

RANN Research & Development effort into developing Intelligent Training Systems for the Palm Oil Industry has been accredited by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). Paper has been accepted for Poster presentation at RT7, RSPO International Conference 2009, Malaysia. RANN Consulting progressive development of MIS/IDSS has received accreditation from RSPO International as well. Paper on how Semantic MIS/IDSS can balance sustainable plantation management with profitability has been accepted for Poster presentation at RT7, International Conference 2009, Malaysia. RANN Consulting break-through Research and development efforts Semantic MIS/IDSS has received recognition from Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). Paper has been accepted for presentation at PIPOC 2009, Malaysia

Jan 2009  

RANN Consulting has embarked on developing Decision Support System (DSS) and Semantic Portal for Palm Oil industry. This would be the first commercially available DSS for the Agriculture Industry in Malaysia and the first for Palm Oil in the world. (http://www.semanticuniverse.com/articles-semantic-decision-support-system-dss-and-portal-palm-oil-industry.html)

Dec 2008  

RANN Consulting signed a Partnership with Semantic Arts Inc. , USA . The objective is to work together to develop semantic based systems in the South East Asian region. (http://www.semanticarts.com/default.aspx?tabid=24208)

May 2008  

RANN consulting has secured a major plantation management project in East Kalimantan. The customer PT REA Kaltim Plantations (www.rea.co.uk) a wholly owned company by REA holding plc. REA holdings is a public listed company in the UK. The project is a major milestone in RANN's venture into Kalimantan and Indonesia as a whole. Estimated to complete by 2009, the project covers 50,000ha of plantations to be managed by our system...

February 2008  

RANN Consulting Sdn Bhd began a journey of excitement in collaboration between MIMOS Berhad and Oracle Malaysia to work on how IT will have an effect of the output in the agriculture industries in Malaysia. Read More

Jan 2008  

RANN Consulting consulted MIMOS (www.mimos.my) Malaysia for MIMOS Malaysia’s Precision Agriculture Project. The successful working-prototype was exhibited at the WCIT 2008 (World Conference in Information Technology), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

October 2007  

RANN Consulting Sdn Bhd has signed 2 MOU in Sudan. The first MOU is signed with FBS (www.fbs-sd.com) a wholly owned IT company by the Sudanese Central Bank is to provide IT solutions for the banking industry.

The second MOU is to JV with government owned company to provide wireless network for the entire Khartoum city.